ISO Quality

Nathoo Mbenyane Engineers (Pty) Ltd commits itself to remain a respected member of the consulting
engineering fraternity and is responsible for Civil, Structural and Engineering Project
Management. The Directors, Management and Staff of Nathoo Mbenyane Engineers hereby commit
ourselves to provide innovative engineering solutions and excellent service which conforms to the
quality and reliability of standards expected by clients. This is in line with the vision to be the
provider of Value Engineering and Project Management solutions in the built environment.

To demonstrate firm commitment to the Business Management System, top management and
staff/employees or personnel of Nathoo Mbenyane Engineers has ensured that:

  • The Business Management System is established and implemented, in line with the ISO 9001:2015
  • All identified statutory, regulatory and customer requirements are met.
  • The Established Quality Objectives are measurable to achieve sustainable development and
    cost – effective resource use.
  • The Quality Objectives are periodically reviewed.
  • The BMS is a vital part of operations by conducting performance monitoring and measurement.
  • The needs and expectations of interested parties are addressed. All stakeholders and employees
    are engaged through open communication, education and training, motivating and developing them
    on the BMS requirements.
  • All external providers integrate the BMS issues into their operations, to achieve the Quality
    Objectives throughout our value chain.
  • Adequate resources are provided for the BMS’s continual improvement to ensure a factual approach
    to all decision making.
  • The Quality Policy is periodically reviewed and is still relevant, appropriate and effective to
    the purpose of the organization.
  • The Quality Policy is communicated and understood within the organization and other interested

A copy of the policy can be downloaded here.