Road Incident Management

Road Incident Management Systems (RIMS) – The co-ordinated and pre-planned use of human, mechanical and electronic resources to manage incidents and to restore traffic to normal operating conditions as soon as possible.

Nathoo Mbenyane Engineers has been involved in the development, implementation and maintenance of RIMS since 1996. The company has served as the secretariat for the development of the National Framework, Manual and Policy document for RIMS as well as secretariat for the National Technical Committee.

In the execution of its duties, the company has worked closely with SANRAL and NDOT as well as all the stakeholders on a National, Provincial and Regional level.  
We have been involved in the development/maintenance of 5 RIMS in Limpopo, 6 RIMS in KZN over the past five years  as well as secretariat during the development of the National framework, manual and policy documents for the following systems:

  • RIMS Coordinator/Secretariat for RIMS in KZN
  • RIMS Coordinator/  Secretariat for RIMS in Limpopo
  • Secretariat for the National Technical Committee
  • N11 between the Ladysmith and KZN/ Mpumalanga Border.(KwaZulu-Natal)
  • N2/N6 between the Fish River and Kei River and between East London and Queenstown. (Eastern Cape)
  • N6 between Queenstown and Smithfield (Eastern Cape)
  • N2 between Brooksnek and Kei River (Eastern Cape)
  • N10/N9 between Cradock and Colesberg (Eastern Cape/Free State)