Structural Engineering

The Structures Division serves both government and the private sector. Projects includes Border Post, Airports, Iconic high- rise buildings, educational facilities, medical, institutional facilities, commercial and industrial buildings. Our team have extensive experience in the construction and maintenance of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

Our expertise is recognised by the organisation awarded two Fulton Awards for the use of concrete. The latter dates far back at 1994, further emphasis of experience in this sector.

The Master Builders Award received in 2014, showcases are experience and expertise in the commercial and industrial sector.


  • Newlands City Shopping Centre: Shoprite Checkers

An 18 000 m2 – 2 level shopping centre, including parking for 1100 vehicles and 6 loading bays. The centre comprises of the major tenant with 4 sub major & 101 line shops, 48 late night shops and a service station. The face brick building structure constructed, is a complex reinforced concrete structure with generous cantilevered walkways, 27m high gable ends, ventilation chambers, mezzanine slab supported off suspended 1st floor, air-conditioned service chambers, covered with a complex structural steel/structural timber roof. A fast track building structure supported on a combination of conventional and piled foundations.


  • Hino truck Plant – Master Builders awarding winning project – 2014  

 7000m2 industrial building, with a combination of 35mx9m high steel portals and 30m girders supported at 6m centres on 18m girders trusses. Industrail flooring to cater for 2.5ton/m2 loading.  

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  • Textile Spinning Mills: Bally Spinning Mills

 14000m2 spinning mill founded on an existing riverbed. A reinforced concrete structure of post-tensioned slabs and structural steel roof on piled foundations. These slab designs were to allow for spinning and twisting machines on suspended floor, of lengths in access of 55.0m x 40.0m without any expansion joint. Slabs were designed to support live loads 3.6 – 4.0 tonnes/m2 in areas. Deflections across the length of the building were vital to control especially in 55.0m long direction. The structural steel roof, spans in excess of 47.0m clear span to produce a working area of 6000m2 "free of column support".


  • La Mer – 6 blocks, 3 storeys high with a basement, which is one floor of undercover, parking. Block 3 is a combination of one, two and three storeys in height with a tiered effect. 
  • Sanzala, 11 storey luxury apartments 
  • High Rise Apartment Building: Laguna Ridge
  • Residential Shanti Niketan House (Fulton Award Winning Building)

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Community and Religious Centres

  • New Hindu Temple, Gujarati Hindu Sanskrit Kendra Community for the Kendra Community

 A 2-storey R.C structure of 15m – 18m clear span in the auditorium and a 37m span of structural steel roof over temple. Concrete domes approximately 33m high support “petal arrangement” centre structure surrounded by a font. The ground floor design is completely "independent" in design to the first floor whereby due to the religious connotation the first floor had to be orientated 11.4° due East. All structural columns from the ground to the first floor are independently designed to columns from the first to the roof. Thus the first floor slab was designed as a combination of post tensioning and normal reinforced concrete to support the loadings thereon.

  • Durban Christian Centre, Mayville

A 6000 seater Church with R.C gallery under an aluminium dome, 60m clear roof span with a 10 m circular roof light. The dome roof (approximately 18, 0 high) was designed to sit on a reinforced concrete frame structure.

Government Facilities

  • Correctional Services: Empangeni Prison For Department Of Public Works (J.V.)

 A joint venture project where 22 buildings from kitchens to cell blocks were designed to suit a fast track schedule. Various designs from post tension slab, reinforced concrete slab and structural steel roofs where used to satisfy the clients’ requirements but most importantly keeping within the budget constraints.

  • Evander, Rob Ferreira and Delmas Hospital upgrades for the Department of Public Works – Mpumalanga
  • Tekwane and Mjeka Clinics for the Department of Public works and IDT – Mpumalanga

Educational Facilities

  • Tsakane Special school for the Department of Public Works – Mpumalanga to the value of R 60m
  • Schools Programme for IDT (Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga) and Coega