Training & Development

Nathoo Mbenyane Engineers recognises the need for achieving success and growth in the both the organisation and the industry. This is addressed by providing training and mentoring. Financial assistance and In Service Training is offered to students from Technikon, Universities and Schools on availability.  They are encouraged to show initiative and are incorporated into the main stream with supervision.  Training of new staff is rated high on our agenda as it empowers them to meet the needs of the client proficiently.

Our workplace skills plan is registered with CETA by our skills development facilitator.

Nathoo Mbenyane Engineers provides support to the YP’s (Young Professionals) in design, and contract administration programme, to ensure efficient, effective functioning with respect to their mandate, functions and roles.  

Support includes and is not limited to:

  • Civil and structural design
  • Setting up of systems and procedures for project management.
  • Establishment of proper monitoring, evaluation and reporting processes for projects implemented, including field work and site meetings.
  • Establishment of reporting systems for both local and national spheres of government.
  • Development of standard contract documentation.
  • Ensuring adherence to the national and municipal supply chain management regulations in the procurement of services.